Dental Hygiene

Preventative Professional Cleaning

Performed by a Dental Hygienist, regular dental cleanings help prevent gum disease, cavities, and can assist you in maintaining existing fillings, crowns, as well as other oral appliances. During the following appointment, there will be removal of hard deposits around the teeth and under the gums with intra oral images shown on the TV for us to discuss our findings with you and help you create a better home care regime. Nearing to the end of the appointment, the dentist will be able to diagnose any existing infections, cavities, and identify early signs of problems


Thin coating painted on the chewing surface of the molars to help seal deep pits and fissures to prevent cavities

Tooth Desensitization

Sensitivity may be caused by receding gums, brushing too hard, clenching/grinding, or erosion. The Dental Hygienist applies a desensitizer on teeth sensitive to cold, with results that can last up to the next recur appointment. The Desensitizer works by blocking the exposed nerves on the tooth.