SureSmile® Aligners

SureSmile® Aligners are series of teeth aligners that are invisible, comfortable and removable. They are custom designed and used as a better alternative to traditional braces. They can be removed while eating, brushing and flossing providing extra comfort. No impressions necessary, everything is digital! At Skyview Dentistry, we utilize the latest dental technology to scan your teeth position using an accurate 3-D computer imaging. It will allow us to have a good simulation of what your teeth will look like after treatment. Book a consultation appointment to determine if you are a good candidate for SureSmile® Aligners!


Tradition brackets used and recommended for improvement of dental health and used to correct malocclusions. Crowding of the teeth or spacing can cause increased plaque formation and receding bone, and braces are preventative and conservative in assisting the patient with re-alignment of the teeth until the patient and the dentist are satisfied

Comfortable, Invisible with Great Results

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